Sunday, January 31, 2010


The tour started yesterday and what a way to start. We spent the day in Queens with Mahina Movement, Olin Imagination, Las Gallas and more. It was a day filled with exercises (as part of the workshop facilitated by Mahina Movement), laughter, fun and connections.

In addition to vibing and creating with everyone we were able to create a Utopian Society within an apt. in Queens. A place where we all shared and did not judge. We listened and did not shut out. We learned and did not impose. It was all about coming together and creating. This was also one of the first sessions we'll be having before we present our theatrical creation to an audience at "El Museo Del Barrio" in NYC on April 17. Check the schedule to the right for more info on this and other events.

At the end of the day everyone was filled with joy...but exhausted. We said our good byes. Thanked everyone for the love (especially Gaby of Mahina Movement who hosted and hooked us up with some bangin food) and hit the road to Hoboken, NJ. That is where our studio is currently located and that is where the magic has been happening. Even though we'd all slept only 5 hours the night before (because we were up late meeting and working on the album) and had just spent an entire day in an amazing workshop we still had magic to make in that studio.

People... this our "Day BEfore Sound" album will have our blood sweat and tears. It'll be the words we tell ourselves for motivation, the stories of our lives and the angst and love we feel for music. Ooohhhh mira. There will be so much new hotness and so many colabo's with other well known and talented artists that u will play it track by track again and again. Day 1 has ended and in the words of everyone from the workshop...


Thursday, January 28, 2010


2 Days til Day Before Sound Tour!!!

People of the world...the countdown has begun!

On January 30th the ReadNex Poetry Squad will start on a journey that's been years in the making. On this tour we'll be performing and facilitating Youth workshops throughout the U.S.A and beyond. This is the one you've all been waiting for! A NEW style with NEW music and NEW workshops for both Youth and Youth Workers. Not only are we extremely excited about this one...We're READY!

We're READY to pass on the "pearls of wisdom" that have been passed down to us. READY to rock on stages and speak truth, motivation and peace through the mediums of Spoken Word, Hip Hop and Music. READY to empower, motivate and inspire audiences throughout the U.S.A. (and beyond). READY to educate Youth (& Youth Workers) on how to use Spoken Word, Hip Hop and the Arts to express emotion and be more mentally available in their classrooms. READY to teach performance, writing, public speaking, confidence building, drug prevention skills and more. All the while learning from everyone around us so that we can pass their teachings on to others.

The Day BEfore Sound Tour will be like no

other tour you've ever experienced.

Are you READY?

You still have time to book a date for your site or venue!

For additional booking info e-mail...

Learn, Educate, Repeat!

-ReadNex Poetry Squad

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Less Than 10 Days Before Tour Begins!

We're less than 10 days away from the official start of the Day Before Sound Tour! Sooo much is currently in the works. Recording for the Day Before Sound Album is going beautifully. Each track we work on is different from the previous one and the wheels of creativity have been spinning with more force than the Earth's rotation. I know...but its that serious. This album is going to be amazing for all ages, walks of life, ethnicities, for people that want to vibe out, bop their heads, dance or even just chill. There's something for everyone and even something for anyone after that.

Tour stops are still being booked and there's been additional sites added to the tour in the past few weeks. Don't forget that we're still booking for performances, school assemblies, youth workshops, classroom presentations, professional development workshops, college concerts and more. So if you want the ReadNex at your venue e-mail our booking person at ASAP.

The official schedule for the Day Before Sound Tour will be posted on our website, this blog and will be in our Social ISsUes E-zine soooooon...I knooowwww...but you have to wait. Trust me on this!.

Peace, Paz, Salaam,

-ReadNex Poetry Squad