Sunday, March 28, 2010

WMC, Biz Markie, Sleeping in the Sand and DJ H2OOooooo!

WoW!!! Miami is like a different world. In a good sandy and warm kind of way. We had an AMAZING time enjoying the weather, napping on South Beach, performing, supporting and watching DJ H20 compete/spin (he rocked Miami crowds each time and even got the party going at a few different venues), connected with some great new and old friends (big up to Jocelyn of Fusicology, Amon from BK and Desiree the poet extraordinaire from West Palm) and danced til the souls of our sneakers wore out (seriously though). We even met and chatted it up with Biz Markie, Lil Jon, & Naughty by Nature among others...Lil Jon...very different without sunglasses lol.

DJ H2O competed in 2 distinct competitions at the 25th Annual Winter Music Conference. Though he didn't make top 3 he rocked the crowds and made plenty of connections with DJ's from all over the planet. He also got plenty of ideas and will soon be spinning even more of his usual "Fuego" for crowds all over.

While in the area we drove to & performed at RJ's in West Palm Beach. Oooeee...the love we got from the beautiful people there is unforgettable. DJ H2O's sets were CRAZY and Latin had the audience hysterical with some impromptu Stand Up comedy. We always make sure our performances have a diverse mixture ensuring that audiences are edu-tained.

A few final steps on the board walk, some final tastes of Floridian Cuban food, a couple last dance moves and we're on route home. "Here we go!"...or as Floridians would say "Here we go!"...cause they're not that different.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

View from WMC rooftop pool party!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to MIAMI!

We've made it to the land that the indigenous called Miami. Though I'm pretty sure it looks a lot different than it looked when they named's still preeeetyyyy coool!

DJ H20 competed today in his first of two very intense competitions at the 25th Annual Winter Music Conference. The art displayed today was that of blending and tomorrow it'll be all about scratching. Though he did not qualify in today's top 3 he was by far one of the most impressive competitors to leave his mark in the judges ears. We did a lot of networking and even reconnected with a few as well (including the revolutionary and talented DJ Chela).

The journey to get here (all the way from NY) was a long, fun and fruitful one. We left NY soon after a professional development workshop in Queens. There we again taught how to use Hip Hop and Poetry in after school programming and both inspired and empowered a group of young youth workers. A few days later In Frederiksburg, VA we ate at the beautiful and recently opened La Palmas Cafe. This Puerto Rican restaurant is the only one of it's kind in an area that still has a slave auction block memorialized a block down. After eating there and chatting it up with the owners we performed a night of Poetry and Salsa. Despues de our performance DJ H2O spun the Salsa party and we gave some Salsa lessons throughout the night. When the last leg was moved and body twirled we rested up and drove further South ending up in Charleston, South Carolina.

There we linked up with some people at a not-for profit artist space called "Outer Space". We didn't expect to perform that night either but ended up having a lively audience to rock for a cappella style. The crowd was hyped to hear a cappella versions of our tracks (we just clapped and beatboxed it out) and once again many uttered "We wish ya could be here more often...this town needs ya." Always good to hear that what one does is needed by the people.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Flat Tire and Jarabe Singing to AAA Guy!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Original Poem by one of our Minnesota students

The following poem was written by a student of ours from the Minnesota workshop series we presented a few weeks ago.

... I had a really bad day, so I wrote.


Scratching these walls of sorrow

it'll never free my mind

in a hell of emotions

forever tortured

by hours of thoughts

never to let up

My hope trickling down,

down the drain

it'll be the end of me

this drain leading

to the wasteland of loss

I lost the chance

to turn things around

and I am paying for it

not a punishment

a storm of guilt

I see my actions

they impulsively destroy

with the rage

of deprivation

that always deploys

Like a man

to choose between

pain and suffering

or the easy way out

but he already knows

what choice he has to make

It is obvious that

my pain is better

than causing pain

I know i have to live

with the burden i was given

God had nothing

to do with this gift

it was pure chance

one out of six thousand

and I was the lucky winner

The oblivious thrust of rage

was put into the walls,

the walls of decision

and that decision

was built to create guilt

I can not believe

that i considered it

casting myself into death's arms

for him

to take me away

but the thought of others

saved my life

My selfish tantrum has shown

that self control

was ignored

and ruthlessly beaten

and killed

If there was a way

to rewrite yesterday

then I would take it

but what am I thinking

that could never happen

I must face

that I

had already carved the marble

I can only accept

the past as how

it was written

I have been taught

by a god in my eyes

that my only hope

to cope with this

hard time

is Poetry

by, Zach Patnoe

Posted with permission

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank You Minnesota & Massachusetts!

"This has been a breath of fresh air... I wish we could take this workshop at the beginning of every week"-Youth Worker (from our recent Professional Development workshop in Worcester, MA).

We're currently back in NY after 2 weeks of facilitating workshops, enjoying the beauty of Minnesota and learning from its people. Places like Echo, Bird Island, Buffalo Lake, Eden Valley and more had members of The Day Before Sound Tour come through. Focuses included diversity training, emotional expression, history of Hip Hop, and how to use Hip Hop and Poetry in the class room. We had an amazing time and enjoyed exchanging knowledge with the people of Minnesota. Much love to the people of Minnesota (especially it's Youth), Pact 4 and 21st CCLC.

We recently facilitated a Professional Development Workshop in Worcester, MA for the wonderful people at 21st CCLC. We had a wonderfully entertaining time working with everyone there at Holy Cross College and are glad that many of you experienced new ways of working with your Youth and Staff. Thank you for your feedback, e-mails, and participation.

We make our workshops as fun as possible for both the Youth and Professionals we work with. We're all about "edu-tainment". Entertaining while we directly and indirectly educate others. All the while we learn from each group we work with ensuring that we continue the process of "Learn, Educate, Repeat!

Learn, Educate, Repeat!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writing & Minneapolis!

Center-The amazingly talented B. Fresh during a ReadNex Poetry Squad photo shoot at the Mall of America. Don't know why DJ H2O looks so sad though lol.

Top Left- Latin working with a Youth and guiding him through writing his thoughts & emotions.

Bottom Right-Free & Decora outside the Day Before Sound Tour Van at the Mall of America. It's all about teamwork!

Working with Youth...Always Fun!

Bottom Left- Children writing poetry in MN during an after school workshop. Check out the attention they're giving to their pages.

Top Right-Jarabe guiding the youth through emotional expression exercises to help them be mentally available.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We've spent the past two weeks facilitating after school workshops for youth of Mid-Western Minnesota middle and high schools. In the process children have laughed learned and moved us with their candid poems. After yesterday's workshop a teacher told us "[she] nearly cried when the children wanted to keep writing" after the workshop had ended. The eyes of children that have not been exposed to many cultural experiences lighting up with the joy of knowledge is something we've been cultivating these past few weeks. We still have a few more in the area and are excited to do the thing.

In addition to the workshops we performed at "Eclipse Records" in St. Paul. St. Paul is one of Minnesota's Twin Cities and there we rocked a crowd that was by no means prepared lol. A bunch of them approached us after our set and one of them even thanked us for "bringing life and energy to St. Paul".

Prior to that we had a photo shoot with the very talented B. Fresh at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. This woman knows what she is doing when it comes to capturing an image. We had a great time and got some great shots out of it as well. Check her out at

Ok, ok...more photos coming soon I get it sheesh.