Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to MIAMI!

We've made it to the land that the indigenous called Miami. Though I'm pretty sure it looks a lot different than it looked when they named it...it's still preeeetyyyy coool!

DJ H20 competed today in his first of two very intense competitions at the 25th Annual Winter Music Conference. The art displayed today was that of blending and tomorrow it'll be all about scratching. Though he did not qualify in today's top 3 he was by far one of the most impressive competitors to leave his mark in the judges ears. We did a lot of networking and even reconnected with a few as well (including the revolutionary and talented DJ Chela).

The journey to get here (all the way from NY) was a long, fun and fruitful one. We left NY soon after a professional development workshop in Queens. There we again taught how to use Hip Hop and Poetry in after school programming and both inspired and empowered a group of young youth workers. A few days later In Frederiksburg, VA we ate at the beautiful and recently opened La Palmas Cafe. This Puerto Rican restaurant is the only one of it's kind in an area that still has a slave auction block memorialized a block down. After eating there and chatting it up with the owners we performed a night of Poetry and Salsa. Despues de our performance DJ H2O spun the Salsa party and we gave some Salsa lessons throughout the night. When the last leg was moved and body twirled we rested up and drove further South ending up in Charleston, South Carolina.

There we linked up with some people at a not-for profit artist space called "Outer Space". We didn't expect to perform that night either but ended up having a lively audience to rock for a cappella style. The crowd was hyped to hear a cappella versions of our tracks (we just clapped and beatboxed it out) and once again many uttered "We wish ya could be here more often...this town needs ya." Always good to hear that what one does is needed by the people.

Learn, Educate, Repeat!

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