Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Original Poem by one of our Minnesota students

The following poem was written by a student of ours from the Minnesota workshop series we presented a few weeks ago.

... I had a really bad day, so I wrote.


Scratching these walls of sorrow

it'll never free my mind

in a hell of emotions

forever tortured

by hours of thoughts

never to let up

My hope trickling down,

down the drain

it'll be the end of me

this drain leading

to the wasteland of loss

I lost the chance

to turn things around

and I am paying for it

not a punishment

a storm of guilt

I see my actions

they impulsively destroy

with the rage

of deprivation

that always deploys

Like a man

to choose between

pain and suffering

or the easy way out

but he already knows

what choice he has to make

It is obvious that

my pain is better

than causing pain

I know i have to live

with the burden i was given

God had nothing

to do with this gift

it was pure chance

one out of six thousand

and I was the lucky winner

The oblivious thrust of rage

was put into the walls,

the walls of decision

and that decision

was built to create guilt

I can not believe

that i considered it

casting myself into death's arms

for him

to take me away

but the thought of others

saved my life

My selfish tantrum has shown

that self control

was ignored

and ruthlessly beaten

and killed

If there was a way

to rewrite yesterday

then I would take it

but what am I thinking

that could never happen

I must face

that I

had already carved the marble

I can only accept

the past as how

it was written

I have been taught

by a god in my eyes

that my only hope

to cope with this

hard time

is Poetry

by, Zach Patnoe

Posted with permission