Saturday, June 26, 2010

USSF 2010 Detroit!

It has been an, inspiring and busy week for us. For the past week we have been in Detroit attending workshops, networking, performing (almost constantly) and enjoying the performances of others. Each day we were at a different venue performing or different room for a workshop.

Over the past few days we've shared stages with Sunni Paterson, Majesty, Rebel Diaz, Broadcast Live, Kalae All Day, Intikana, YC the Cynic, Climbing Poetree, Alex Schein, Olmeca, La Banda Rebelde, members of Zulu Nation, and more. Be sure to types the names of these powerful, and dope performers into Google for more info on them.

A few of the workshops have been on the Prison of the Mind, Hip Hop in Higher Ed., Environmental Change Needs and more.

While here Decora, Free and Latin flew over to D.C. For a quick stop at this years 21st Century After School Program National Institute. There we presented a workshop on How to Reach African American and Latino Males. This was also an great experience as we were able to network with youth workers from throughout the country. We also got to pass on some of the tools and exercises we use along some crucial encouragement for the work they all do. Performances took place here as well and even had some workshop participants in tears.

We're currently still in Detroit and tomorrow we'll be presenting and performing a workshop for Hip Hop Congress. What a week!

Photos coming soon!

P.S. We've seen the rough draft of our "Be Dif'Rent" music video...WOOOOOOWWW!!!

Learn, Educate, Repeat!