Thursday, June 9, 2011

In London!!!

"Just touch down in London Town!"

We've been in London for 3 days now and already it feels like home. This is my first time in London and I must say... it is a beautiful city! The food, the people, the culture... speechless. We are truly blessed to be on this earth. (sihhhh) We had our first show at Street Fest , which was sponsored by ADIDAS, over in the Shortage area. There, we had Graffiti Artists, B-Boys, B-Girls, MC's, DJ's, Beat Boxers, Music, Love, Food, Positive Energy, and a dope sound system... what more could you ask for?  We met Reeps One (Ill Beat Boxer), Andrew (from Monorex) & Ghost Poet. We rocked a 10 minute set and the 500+ crowd went CRAZY!!  
That same day, we headed to Grace Bar for "Poetry in Motion" night. We had the pleasure of meeting some very talented UK artist that evening, such as "Winta", "Sebastian", & Floetic Laura! Brilliant! (w/ London ascent lol). The energy in the venue was so warm, so profound, and filled with love. An amazing night, needless to say. To be continued...

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