Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NXNE Festival

Toronto!!! We spent 3 days in Toronto for the North By North East Festival!
There were over 625 international, national and local acts at 50 official festival stages in downtown Toronto's famous club district. The first night Decora and I (DJ H2O) hit up the Annex Wreck room for a night of Classic Hip Hop, Dancehall, & Reggae!

This club was packed with a crowd well over 500! We also met up with Jill, DJ Stunts, & Sammy, which all threw down a killer a set letting the bodies hit the floor (in a positive way of course)!

The next day, we had our performance at Crawford where we followed up after a group called 4DZ who were band of cool guys from Montreal.
The festival had an amazing collection of musical artists, 50 Panel discussions, 40 Films, and even workshops covering a wide variety of topics within Music and Culture.

Learn, Educate, Repeat!