Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KRS-ONE Twice and a Youth Aha Moment (Sudden Realization)

We get to Trinity College (for the 5th Annual Trinity Hip Hop Festival)and set up in our workshop location. Soon we had 2 large groups of youth from throughout Connecticut walking in and learning some of the writing, expression, and performing, tools we've learned along the way. More than 120 Youth learned pearls of wisdom, laughed and participated in discussions about Hip Hop and Poetry.

During one Pearl of Wisdom pass down a student opened his eyes wide and said..."Sooo if I say I can't do something...I'm setting myself up to fail...because my brain shuts out possibilities?" Yes...genuinely believe in yourself and a world of possibilities will follow.

After the workshops we got some comida, meditation time and got back on the grind. We enter Mather Hall (where the concert for the night was to be held) sound checked, networked and chilled before rocking out. This building was ppaaaaaccckkked! Hip Hop heads were everywhere ready for a show. After a few International Emcess (like Siete Nueve from PR, and others) we took the stage for one of our greatest performances to date. I'm telling you the show was soooo crazy that Decora and Latin almost crowd surfed (seriously though). Once the crowd had been rocked, a few chants of the chorus to our single "Be Different" took place and we left the stage to Nomadic Waxx and later the Hip Hop Pioneer KRS-ONE. His show was both inspiring and electrifying and left the night's crowd exhausted.

The next day we attended a lecture held by KRS-ONE on the culture of Hip Hop and afterwards filled the van up for Kerhonkson's second "Rock the Resort Festival". Some people decided to take over a local resort and turn it into an indoor Woodstock. The energy was nuts and once again after we performed KRS-ONE took the stage. 2 back to back shows with KRS-ONE...I knooooww.

We left drained but filled with inspiration as we inspire youth, audiences and are inspired by the greats that did not sell themselves for mas dinero.

Pictures soon to follow.
Learn, Educate, Repeat!

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