Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NYU Workshops

We enter a large lecture room in the NYU campus. In it are close to a hundred teenage students. They're there for a leadership day as part of the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education program. We load up, connect and test the turntables. They're having lunch and either have not noticed us or aren't interested. DJ H2O begins to spin and heads throughout the room start to bop. Hands start to sway above young minds and rhythmic words are repeated. Rapport has been built.

The group breaks into two and our first hour long workshop begins. Laughter, focus and knowledge fill the room leading into an autograph signing, networking & individual motivational speaking session. As the first group leaves the second group enters with as much suspicion as the first. Ten minutes later young faces with today's "too cool" pose have dwindled making room for the laughter and smiles that now pervade. This workshop ends and conversations with youth dealing with the same (or similar) difficulties we once dealt with continue. The Youth Workers thank us, a few Youth tell us it's "the best workshop they've ever been in", and photos are taken.

So goes another day on the Day Before Sound Tour. A tour filled with music, experience, and the credo we live by...Learn, Educate, Repeat.
Learn, Educate, Repeat!

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