Monday, January 24, 2011

DJ H2O at Coquito

I had a feeeeling...that Satuuurrday night was gonnna be a GOOD NIIIGHT!...and it was.

The food was perfect, the service was excellent and DJ H2O had everyone working off their meals. Coquito was PACKED! People danced, conversed, enjoyed themselves and got away from the freezing temperatures by dancing ALL NIGHT LONG! DJ H2O had us moving from Salsa, to Merengue, to Dance and Hip Hop and mucho mas. Every other song sparked memories or forced the dancers to create new ones. If you missed it then...what can I write other than there will be many more. Keep your eyes open and dance apparel ready because DJ H2O will be spinning in various NY locations soon.
Learn, Educate, Repeat!