Saturday, January 15, 2011

A ReadNex Moment @ Kripalu!

A ReadNex Moment

5 days at Kripalu. 5 days retreating. 5 days building our minds, bodies & souls. Building each other and building upon our goals.

Each day we spent at Kripalu I seemed to cross off an entire list of things that I needed to figure out. Each day I felt more empowered and more able to do the work that we do. I felt cleansed of doubt and ready to start 2011 strong.

Who would have thought that Yoga would be for me? We ate good food. Amazing food. Tasted wonderful and was great for our bodies. We worked out, meditated, danced and did Yoga. Discussed, painted, wrote and built upon our wisdom.

It was a 5 day Kundalini Yoga workshop focused on the creative arts. While there we also did some Kripalu Yoga classes and Yoga Dance. We were frequently active and when we weren't we had time to meditate, reflect and write. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to be there and the scholarship we each received which made it possible. My journal is now full of thoughts, haiku's and "Aha" moments (sudden re-organizations of thought).

To everyone reading this...we care about you. Please take the time to "retreat" in your own way. It may be a walk, a workout, or perhaps just a simple journal entry. Allow yourself the time to breathe and reflect. Give yourself the time because you deserve it. Even the mightiest warriors must rest and rebuild themselves. Please take the time as we need you. This world needs you and most of all tomorrow need you.

Learn, Educate, Repeat,


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