Monday, February 22, 2010

Detained Youth and Smiles

You want to know what we've been up to...don't you. You're saying to yourself..."I wanna see some pics!". Well let me tell's been amazing...and the pics are on the way.

We're currently leaving Madison, Wisconsin after spending 2 days here and driving in from Chicago. While there we rocked a spot called "Reggie's" and the crowd was off the chain. We even decided to stand on a few chairs while in the crowd...the energy was just right.

Though we were in Madison, WI for merely 2 days we empowered many. The first group was at el "Centro Hispano." There we worked with more than 30 youth (even some adults) and focused on methods of change in their communities. Many of them knew English as a second language but once again we demonstrated that hope and can love transcend linguistic boundaries. It also helped that most of us in the group are bilingual. In the end the youth could be seen smiling, laughing and walking with an air of empowerment. This after having learned new techniques to vent their thoughts and emotions. They also learned a few public speaking skills, the importance of history and more. After this workshop we headed to the "Dane County Juvenile Detention Center." Our hearts sank when we saw the cells these young teens had to spend much of their time in. Our love for poetry and education poured out through our words and turned parts of the workshop into a motivational powerhouse. The same youth (both boys and girls because the county can't afford to separate them) that greeted us with glares and distrust shook our hands, spoke eloquently, thanked us and smiled as all youth should. Not only were their minds filled with motivation and hope...our souls were filled with love and re-assurance of how important our work really is.

Last night we performed for an intimate crowd at "Project Lodge" and got to have a conversation with the audience. One audience member had been our waitress at the Weary Traveler (GREAT FOOD) the night before. We got to talk about the tour, our experiences in Madison, life in NY and other topics that arose from our pieces. We ended with an acappella version (technically as the sound was low and we spoke without mics) of our single and wrapped it all up with one of the funnest and entertaining freestyle sessions we've ever performed. I know...I know...just fly out if you're too far and check us out next time lol.