Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leaving Chi-Town!

Last night we performed at a real cool venue in Chicago, IL. The venue was called Reggie's and we rocked the crowd there as well. I say as well because 15 minutes before we hit up an open mic at a High School and did a few poems along with our latest single "Be Different". Don't'll be released soon. We had the entire auditorium of youth chanting the chorus of the track. BE DIFFERENT!

Afterwards, Latin spoke to the youth about being themselves and following their dreams. It was a beautiful moment as we walked out of the auditorium while the children chanted our chorus again. In all of their eyes we saw a bit of us. We once sat and dreamt as others paved the way. Now we're truly blessed to be laying a foundation for our "young leaders of tomorrow". The next generation of pavers.