Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Great Start!

The past few days of the tour have been "off the chain"
(really good). We started it off by joining Mahina Movement, Ollin Imagination and Las Gallas in a creativity workshop (Thank You Mahina Movement for hosting the workshop, space and delicious comida). The goal of this workshop was to develop ideas for our performance at El Museo Del Barrio on April 17th. This one is going to be truly inspiring & have you glued to your seat...but how could it not be considering the lineup. Afterwards we headed up to Troy (NY Capital Region) to facilitate some youth workshops. For 2 days we worked with 2 different groups of youth. The reaction was wonderful. The Youth were having a blast & at the same time learned new ways to use their emotions. At the end of the workshop one of the Youth gave a paper clip to Jarabe and when Jarabe asked him what it was the boy said "whatever you make it to be"...Deeeep. On the first night of being in Troy we did our thing at an Open Mic in Albany. While there we revitalized the audience with performances and connected with a few of the night's artists. After 2 days of workshops and a performance we facilitated another workshop for the lively teens of El Puente Leadership Center in Brooklyn, NY. By the end of it we had the Youth sharing their poetic creations with pride and confidence in their eyes. All of this and week one isn't even over yet.