Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 Youth Workshops, 1 Professional Development & 1 Open Mic...niiiiice!

Woooooeeeee! On the roads we be!

Currently I sit in Philadelphia. Last night we got to see some of its historic cobblestone roads prior to hitting up the open mic we attended. "Spit Fire" was held at a beautiful & classy Caribbean Restaurant/Lounge. There we met the amazing "Vision" member of the Spoken Soul 215 collective. He's a powerful poet that works with youth and will have some of them (including himself) featured on the show "Brave New Voices". Make sure you check him out in the upcoming episode.

Prior to making our way to Philly we spent some time in Wilmington, Delaware. While we facilitated 2 energy filled youth workshops with many of the young leaders of tomorrow from Bayard Middle School. Even late in the afternoon while they were tired & hungry we were able to get 2 sets of youth to jump around, laugh, and write about their past, present & future selves.

We also had a blast facilitating a professional development workshop with the staff of the Wilmington Boys and Girls Club (also the organization that sponsored us over at Bayard Middle School). For almost 3hrs we discussed ways of reaching youth through music, assisting youth in positive expression, how to educate youth on the importance of history & how important the staff is in their youths lives.

Fun, education and music. Que niiiice!

Learn, Educate, Repeat!