Monday, October 4, 2010

Video Premiere Sooooon!

Oohh Yeaaahhh (Macho Man Randy Savage...he was so cool!

That's how I feel about the past few weeks. We've been traveling throughout all Boroughs of NYC to promote the upcoming "Be DiF'Rent Video Premiere Party".
There will be dancing, there will be DJ's, there will be performances and much more. Go to the following link and get your tickets today!

Recently we were in BK for a Fighting for Futures performance. This event was by RSVP only and put on by Felicia Cruz in a lovely BROOKLYN, NY artist space. We also performed at an event at Laguardia College in Queens NY called Crossing the Blvd.

This one was brought to the community by an amazing human being named Judith Sloan. She works with immigrant youth by teaching them acting in an effort to express their stories. While there we also got to see a scene from Lemon Anderson's "County of Kings" if you have not seen it go see it now! Well not now but you know what I mean.

We also attended events and reconnected with Talib Kweli, YC the Cynic, Hasan Salaam, Akir, Mahina Movement, Mums, Aurora and more. We had a blast connecting and re-connecting with all of these amazing artists and encourage you to look them up and check out one of their performances.

See you at the Premiere Party!!!

Learn, Educate, Repeat!