Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend!!! Good times!!! Good People!!! See pics below. Do it nooowww!

What a weekend it was!

Friday night we took over 92Y Tribeca and packed it up with beautiful people ready and willing to bop and stomp to the sounds. From Aztec dancers, to a live band, and a hilarious host to both hardcore and smooth Hip Hop. We even had DJ Oja playing the old school tunes for the bodies to rock. The familia of Noisemaker media stopped by and presented a few of their videos. Of course they played the "Be DiF'Rent" Video! Derr. The crowd was loving, wild, empowered and entertained.

You couldn't make it??? Oohh. Ok. If you are one of the people that missed's oookaaa. Cause on Sunday we filmed the video for "A Tree Grows in a Place Called Home". That's right!!! Son! Soon you'll be able to come out for the Video Release Party of that track! Oh booooyyyyy. I'm excited already. Fly video, cool & beautiful people, GUARANTEED dance time. You juuuust waaaiiiit foooorrr iiiit! Caaaaaannnn yoooouuuuu diiiiiig iiiiiiiiit???!

Learn, Educate, Repeat!